Summer is finally here so it's time to hit the pool! But let's be honest, the best way to enjoy the water is by lounging, drifting and playing in the pool on an inflatable pool float. And if you're not convinced here are 10 reasons why a pool float is the ultimate summer accessory:


  1. Relaxation at its finest: There's nothing like the feeling of laying back on a pool float, soaking up sunshine rays and forgetting about your to-do list. It truly is the ultimate way to unwind and mellow out.

  2. Perfect for all ages: Whether you're a fun-loving kid or a sophisticated adult, a pool float is a must-have accessory for everyone during the summertime. They're fun, carefree and will transport you to your own utopian daydream.

  3. Endless designs: From giant swans and colourful flamingos to European inspired pool rings and minimalistic lie-on floats, there's an inflatable design out there for everyone. You can even get floats shaped like a strawberry or bottle of perfume, talk about cool designs.

  4. Instagram-worthy: Let's face it, pool floats make for the perfect photo opportunity. Snap a pic of yourself lounging on a glittering hammock or jumping inside a pool ring, your followers will love it.

  5. Easy to store: Pool floats are easy to deflate and store away when not in use. Unlike bulky pool toys, they won't take up too much space in your garage or shed and will be ready to pull out season on season.

  6. Party-ready: A pool party wouldn't be complete without a few inflatables for you and your guests to splash around on. They're a great way to add some fun and colour to any gathering and guarantee a good time for all involved, little or big.

  7. Family-friendly: If you're looking for a way to keep the kids entertained this summer, pool floats are the answer. They'll have a blast floating around and playing games in the pool. Plus, with the fun styles out this season, little imaginations are set to come to life.

  8. Versatile: Pool floats can be used in any body of water, whether it's a pool, lake, river or ocean. You can take them with you out boating, away on your next trip or to the beach for some extra relaxation.

  9. Comfortable: Designed with comfort in mind, pool floats feel like you are drifting on a cloud, you'll never want to get out of the water again.

  10. Memorable: Some of the best summer memories can be made floating around on a pool float with friends and family by your side. Nothing says bonding and creating lasting memories quiet like it.


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Posted by Simone Lavis on