Ready to embrace the sunny season? We've put together the ultimate list of beach activities to make sure you maximise your fun in the sun this summer.


When the days become hot and sun-drenched, one of the best things to do is hit the beach. But don't go unprepared. If you're looking for a reprieve from the heat make sure you head out with one of our SUNNYLiFE Cabanas under your arm. They're super lightweight at just 4.5 kilos and easily set up by a single person. Plus, designed with style in mind these cabanas stand out from the crowd, whether you are lounging on sandy shores or grassy lawns. The extra planning will be so worth it as you spend all day laying by the water and soaking up the summer vibes!



Next, we suggest you invest in some self-care. There is nothing better than being able to just lay back and relax. Grab your favourite book, a cold juice or iced coffee, and take comfort to the next level with our SUNNYLiFE Beach Chairs. Lounging in the sand just got a whole lot more luxurious. With splash-resistant fabric, a comfortable foam insert and 6 adjustable settings for sitting or reclining, you can lay back and enjoy the sun anywhere, at any time. If you've been looking to elevate your beachside setup, these chairs are the must-have summer staple you've been looking for.



It's summer and there's no end to the swimming, sunbathing and sandcastle making you can do. But why not try something different for a change? Every time you go to the beach you see groups of friends splitting into teams, gathered around volleyball nets and cricket stumps buried in the sand. Do yourself a favour and get in on the fun! Head to your backyard, local park or beach and enjoy SUNNYLiFE'S range of outdoor games for a summer you will not forget. We recommend a set of our iconic SUNNYLiFE Beach Bats to get you started. Whether it's a competition between little kids or big ones, you'll be kept busy for hours on end. Let the games begin!



Being by the water means one thing: You're seconds away from Instagram-worthy beach shots at all times. With one of our bestselling Underwater Film Cameras, you can mix up your grid with beautiful deep-sea scenes. Or, snap some shots out of the water on 35mm film for an authentically retro-look. You'll love exercising your creative side while capturing those precious moments with friends and family. Plus, did we mention it's the perfect, easy-to-use first camera for the little ones to start out on? The sunny life is waiting - don't miss another snap!



Drift away this summer on the most iconic and recognisable styles in pool floats. These Insta-worthy accessories are here to keep you on top of the latest trends. Designed for kids and adults alike, we've got new and classic styles to suit everyone - whether you're keeping it bold and playful this summer, or it's sophisticated essentials that you're after! From backyard pools to salty surf, our bold collection of SUNNYLiFE floats is here to brighten things up all. summer. long.



One of the best things about the summer months is that there's live music everywhere you go. There are local bands playing outside of restaurants, and outdoor concerts going on regularly in the parks. With our collection of beach and poolside speakers, you can bring the good vibes with you wherever you go. This range of uniquely designed speakers is made to fit in with your summer lifestyle and add a little rhythm to those long sun-drenched days, no matter what you're after! Whether it's Cooler Box Sounds to keep the drinks cold and the tunes flowing, or a mini travel size speaker for on the go, a sweet sound system is the ultimate essential for pool party season and your day-to-day setup.



Let's be honest, going to the beach is an all-day affair. You get up early, hit the road, and scope out your patch of sand before everybody else. You spend the entire day relaxing and dipping in and out of the water. The best way to top it all off is with a packed lunch, straight out of one of our SUNNYLiFE Picnic Baskets. Whether you're feeding the family or enjoying some drinks and nibbles as the sun goes down, all you need to do is pack your favourite ingredients and set off. We've included plates, glasses and cutlery for you!

Now make a plan and enjoy your ultimate beach day!