Do you love pristine beaches, sunny days and the beauty of the earth's natural surroundings as much as we do? It's great to enjoy these things, but we only have one earth and if we want to keep enjoying it in the future, it's important to look after it now! If you want to do your part to help the world stay afloat, here are five small things you can do to protect the environment, one day at a time!


Have you seen the Fiesta Mariposa Bio Pool on our website? It is our very first product made from biodegradable PVC, a unique material which is designed to break down within 2-3 years within landfill and is recyclable at an industrial level. With a soft feel and high durability, biodegradable PVC is an all-round win for your family and the planet! 


We all love a refreshing dip in the summer. Our inflatable pools are perfect for cooling down on a hot day, but there's no reason to waste the water you use to fill up the pool after you have finished with it. Rather than simply pouring it out, drain the old pool water out onto the garden or re-use it to wash the car or outside of the house!


Next time you head to the shops or the grocery store, don't forget to bring your own reusable bags! Even if your local supermarket uses paper bags, it's still great to minimise the resources you are using on a daily basis, and that includes the number of paper bags you use! Our carryall bag is lightweight, durable and waterproof, plus it's perfectly sized for going from the beach to the shops. Carry your groceries home in sustainable style from now with a SUNNYLiFE carryall bag!


Another common source of single-use plastic is disposable plastic cups! When you're organising your next pool party or beachside picnic, ditch the flimsy, disposable plastic cups and instead bring a set of our durable, poolside-friendly acrylic tumblers or wine glasses with you. They won't break, and created with both style and strength in mind, are designed to last for summer after summer of entertaining!

Unfortunately, 8 billion kilograms of plastic is still currently ending up in the ocean each year. To do your part and get involved, start volunteering in an annually organised beach clean-up. These are usually held by your local council, but you can also feel free to do a beach clean-up by yourself, without an organisation! Go ahead and make a picnic, head to the beach and spend the day picking up rubbish. It can be a fun family activity to keep the kids occupied and teach them about the environment while you go!


Did you know that every SUNNYLiFE inflatable includes a puncture repair kit? We aim to make our products last as long as possible, using durable, non-toxic PVC. However, if an accident does happen, there's no need to bin your favourite float. With our puncture repair kit patching up a hole is surprisingly quick and easy!

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