WHich float DESIGN do you think WILL BE THE most INSTA-GlAM POOL FLOAT OF 2019?

Will it be the avocado pool ring? Possibly the palm leaf lie on? Or will the flamingo ride on remain the summer-sesh champion?

Are you on-board with the pool float phenomenon? Over-the-top pool floats and inflatables have been blowing up the summer scene since 2017. If you want to make a splash at your next beach-side, poolside, or lakeside gathering, bring along one of our insta-famous Sunnylife pool floats and inflatables. Which design do you think will be the most popular float of 2019?

Pool ring | ROSE GOLD

jUST €25.00

Just a little pool day rose'

If you're looking for pool day perfection, look no further than bringing home a Sunnylife Rose Gold Pool Ring. This luxuriously large pool ring is a sweet sip of California-cool. I don't know about you, but with this float by my side, I could rose' all day long.


jUST €25.00

If you love summer, then you better put a ring on it.

Don't worry, a Sunnylife Gold Pool Ring won't cost you an arm and a leg. For just $29.95 you can be floating on a cloud on a Sunnylife cloud in no time. These luxurious, jumbo pool rings are worth they're weight in gold.

pool ring | red

jUST €25.00

Bae watch

When you bring home this Sunnylife Red Inflatable you're sure to bae the center of attention all summer long. This glam pool ring is a must have summer accessory. With this pool ring at the ready, you're sure to be the most stylish beach-bae that summer has ever seen.

luxe pool ring | avocado

jUST €30.00

With this float you're guaranteed to AVO good time.

More than a mere breakfast choice, it’s official: the avocado cannot get any hipper. Fear not, if you think the avocado stone looks uncomfortable – it’s a removable beach ball! Yes, when you bring home the Sunnylife Avocado Luxe Pool Ring, you get two for the price of one for beach day fun.

Luxe pool ring | mermaid

jUST €30.00

They look like they were mer-maid for each other.

Who can pass up a chance to feel like one of the most elegant and mystical sea creatures around? A Sunnylife Mermaid Tail Pool Float is the easiest way to look, and feel, magical all summer long. It’s a little larger than life, but just the perfect amount, enough that the tail fin doubles as a head rest.

luxe pool ring | flamingo

jUST €30.00

Ready to flamin-go to the beach?

Hello there tropical summer vibes! The Flamingo Pool Ring Float is a summer-time and Sunnylife classic. Bring this birdie home and you'll be looking pretty in pink all summer long. This insta-worthy inflatable is available in flamingo or flamingo rose gold; it's the definition of flock goals.

Luxe lie on | peach

We’re peachy-keen on this one, how about you?

This fruity new number is another prize pick for relaxing in the sunshine. With this Sunnylife Peach Lie On Float by your side, you can be sure that you'll always have the nicest peach at the beach. This peachy pool float is extra amazing as it's large enough to share with a friend.

luxe lie on | Pineapple

This float is the pine-apple of my eye.

How can you not be the happiest human around when lounging on this Sunnylife Inflatable Pineapple Pool Float? Bright colors, whimsical design and a huge size makes this the ultimate pool day necessity. This fun float is a sweet and sour twist on a summer classic.

Luxe ride on | llama

No drama, just llama.

Because the llama is the must-have animal everything in 2019! The Sunnylife Llama inflatable Ride On Float proves that llamas really are a girls best friend. This llama is ready to pool-party with you all summer long.

luxe ride on | unicorn

A.K.A Goldie Horn the Unicorn

The hottest inflatable pool toy this summer, might be the Sunnylife Ride On Inflatable Unicorn. Take a ride on your favorite magical creature this summer. Perfect for the pool, beach or lake; you can float with a friend or frolic on your own with this rainbow unicorn float.

There are two types of pool party attendees:
The one who comes unprepared and sits on the edge, and the one who owns the party, sipping their drink on a pool float.
Who do you wanna be this summer?
Get on board with the float phenomenon and don’t forget to tag us in your social media pics Sunnylovers. Have fun!

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