We all know there are two types of pool party attendees: The ones who come unprepared and sit around watching the action, and the ones who OWN the party, sipping a drink while relaxing on a pool float. Now the only question is... which one are YOU going to be this summer?

There's no other way to start the party than with a bright glass of summer spritz in your hand (or with a bottle floating in the pool!) We're not kidding... The Summer Spritz Luxe Lie On Float is the ultimate Insta-worthy statement for your backyard setup this summer.

And it's not just a pretty face, this Luxe Lie On Float includes a tethered orange wedge inflatable pillow for ultimate relaxation! Perfect for all spritz enthusiasts, this bright statement float will ensure your pool party is one to remember!

Now that the party is in full swing, keep the tunes flowing with the Beach Cooler Box Sounds Mint. This 2-in-1 cooler will keep your music hot and your drinks icy all day long! The unique retro look is sure to keep the vibes on point and will be an essential part of your outdoor setup all year round!

Need a break from the action? Dry off and warm up with the Skinny Dipper Luxe Towel in zesty yellow! As part of our exclusive collaboration, SUNNYLiFE have paired up with Bondi artist Daimon Downey to create a premium cotton jacquard towel fit for sun kissed days. Inspired by vintage European style, this towel will keep you feeling cool and cosy all day.

Once it reaches the sunset hour, embrace the chilled out vibes with our warm toned Poolside Glasses in a Multi Set of 4 and you have sunset cocktail hour sorted!

Now let's get this pool party started! Just set the date, invite your mates and don’t forget to tag us in your social media pics!