A decade ago, SUNNYLiFE CEO, Barry Glick came up with the idea to create a giant flamingo shaped inflatable while on a business trip in Berlin where he was searching for inspiration and iconography that could present the brand. The blueprints for this float began soon after with the support of SUNNYLiFE's lead designer based in London, followed by months of refining the design, paying close attention to the face, neck and beak, these key features were the hardest to execute however it was important to Barry that this float appealed to both adults and children, so great detail was needed. Then in 2014 SUNNYLiFE launched the WORLD'S FIRST Flamingo Pool Float that turned heads of celebrities and summer lovers alike and became one of the brands all-time best selling and most iconic styles.


Over the years this design evolved into pool rings, drink holders, baby floats and kiddy floats before evolving into different colorways. Then in 2017 SUNNYLiFE launched the WORLD'S FIRST metallic float in a beautiful rose gold colorway, which quickly became the most successful product in SUNNYLiFE history. And as it stands the Flamingo Float is a heritage product to SUNNYLiFE, it represents elegance, summer and being care-free which struck a chord with our community and became emotive to customers.


This season is unlike any other with a new addition to the flock, Rosie Luxe Ride-On Flamingo in Watermelon. She is bright, chic and super playful ready to take you for a ride. Perfect for pool parties, catching waves and relaxing with recessed seating for lounging and handles for stability. The Rosie Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Float is made of high-quality, non-toxic phthalate free PVC material that is durable and plush to sit into. Plus, its vibrant watermelon pink colour and eye-catching design make it a trendy and fashionable addition to any poolside or beach setup, not to mention Instagram-worthy. But she is not just a pretty face, Rosie is also a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and playful way to relax and soak up the sun. Whether you're floating lazily in the pool, lakeside or drifting in the sea, this ride-on inflatable provides a comfortable and spacious surface for you to kick back and enjoy some quality downtime.


Meet the rest of the flock:


White Luxe Ride-On Swan: Primarily white in color with a sleek and elegant design that is reminiscent of the graceful bird. With the swan's head and neck extending upwards with the wings positioned slightly outward, giving it a majestic appearance.


Pastel Luxe Ride-On Unicorn: Crafted with attention to detail, featuring cute ears, large expressive eyes and a delicate snout. Washed over by pastel pink and yellow in color, with a white and signature horn and pony's tail.


Rose Gold Luxe Ride-On Flamingo: Predominantly metallic rose gold in colour, with accents of white and black to really pop. Back in 2017 this inflatable made history as the WORLD'S FIRST metallic flamingo float launched by SUNNYLiFE.


Coral Ombre Luxe Ride-On Unicorn: The first of the unicorn family, washed over by sweet pastel tones of fruity pink and turquoise green. Featuring wings, a long-extended horn and bouncy tail.


Gold Luxe Ride-On Swan: Exuding luxury and sophistication in its golden hue that reflects sunlight and upgrades your poolside oasis with its stunning shape and delicate details


The flock is looking as graceful and elegant as ever over on our TikTok, @sunnylifeaustralia, be sure to check them out here.


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