Summer is just around the corner! As the weather starts warming up and the days get longer, this is the PERFECT time of year for hosting a picnic or two with the ones you love. Whether you are planning a picturesque picnic in the park for you and some girlfriends, or just heading out into the backyard to watch the sunset with your fam, there are a few key things that every good picnic needs (no matter how big or small).

Most importantly, you're going to need some snacks and maybe a few drinks! Here are our favourite picnic food ideas (and go-to shopping list) for your next picnic, no matter the occasion.


1. One of our all-time go-to picnic foods is the classic potato salad. Whether you make it from scratch, or buy it prepared, an old-school potato salad is always a favourite and is super easy to transport. Pop it into a sealed container and store it in an insulated cooler bag or picnic basket to keep it nice and fresh! We recommend our bestselling Natural Round Picnic Cooler Basket. It's super stylish with a natural wicker outer (perfect for the insta pics), and the insulated interior will keep your snacks fresh all day long.


2. Lighten things up with a super refreshing and tasty watermelon and feta salad. This surprising combo works so well together, especially on a hot summer's day! Add a touch of mint if you like and away you go. It's easy to prep with only three ingredients and looks really inviting when all served up!


3. If you're up for a bit of cooking, making your own mini sausage rolls can be super fun and surprisingly easy! Otherwise, you can always buy some pre-made from the store (we won't tell anyone!) and heat them up the morning of your picnic! These are perfect for any little kiddos at the picnic, and always a crowd pleaser with the adults too! Pop them in a container and throw them in an insulated bag or basket to keep them nice and warm until you're ready to serve.


PRO TIP: If you're taking the little ones out for a picnic, the Terracotta Luxe Picnic Backpack is a super easy solution to all of your picnic needs, so you don't have to worry about whether you've remembered everything or not. Including two sets of cutlery, two tumblers, two plates and a cotton canvas picnic blanket, this picnic set has everything covered so all you have to pack is the snacks! Did we mention it's also super cute?


4. A charcuterie board and some fresh baguette will never go astray on a summer picnic! Do it like the French and keep things super simple with a delicious selection of cheeses, meats and bread. Bring along the Natural Travel Cheese Set, and you'll have everything you need for a luxurious grazing board, including a cheese knife, cheese fork and a wine opener if you're in the mood for a beverage!


5. Last but not least, shake things up with a pre-made cocktail (or mocktail) bottle! Mix up your favourite summer beverage at home and bring it along to the picnic with our bestselling Terracotta Drinks Cooler Bag. Fitting up to two wine or premixed cocktail bottles, this bright and zesty drinks cooler bag will keep your drinks chilled for up to 4 hours!


Now all that's left to do is find a nice shady picnic area, put down a picnic rug and lay out your spread of goodies! We LOVE using the Sage Plaid Wash Me Beach & Picnic Blanket, because at the end of the day, you can just wipe it clean. No washing required!