The best travel packing tips will usually tell you to travel light, bringing only essentials and items that serve multiple purposes. We couldn't agree more, however that doesn't mean you need to leave your favourite pool float at home.

There's nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination, getting settled in and then heading for a swim, only to remember that you don't have your usual floats on hand. Instead, pack your favourite float for your next vacation and enjoy all its benefits in your new idyllic location. You'll be relaxing like never before, and your pictures are sure to be super cute.

Our gorgeous Glitter Hammock Float is the perfect candidate for your next holiday and here are five reasons why:

1. It folds up small to pack into your suitcase

Want to bring your favourite float on holidays but also trying to minimise the size of your luggage? One of the easiest tips for packing light for travel is to cut down on bulky items. Instead, opt for those which can be folded down small. With a lightweight net centre and deflatable pillows on each side, our Glitter Hammock pool float is one of the best float options for taking up minimal space in your bag.

2. It's lightweight

Not only is the Glitter Hammock compact, it's also lightweight! Avoid any unnecessary airport anxiety about the weight of your bag and know that this easy-to-carry float is as light as a feather.

3. It's able to be blown up quickly without a pump

Do you have space in your bag for the float but not for the pump? Don't worry, with only two inflatable pillows on each side, pool hammocks are one of the easiest style of float to inflate by hand. This also makes them easy to deflate again, meaning you can be lounging in the pool right up until the moment it's time to start packing.

4. It's designed for maximum comfort

Our glitter filled floating hammock will have you relaxing like a pro. The two inflatable pillows provide just the right amount of balance in the water, whilst the ultra-comfortable net centre makes sure you are cool, comfy and supported.

5. It's versatile

As mentioned, one of the top tips for travellers is to pack items that have multiple uses. Designed as both a seat and lounger, the Hammock Float is super chic and serves multiple purposes. Not to mention it's the perfect float to be enjoyed by all ages, so everyone on your holiday can get in on the fun.