Pool Floats & Inflatables

SUNNYLiFE is always ahead of the curve with our range of SUNNYLiFE FLOATS & iNFLATABLES, this season every age group gets to dive into the fun. Who says our inflatables are only for kids? A deep indigo reminder of summer’s constant companion, the sun, will keep spirits permanently buoyant throughout the season. Our SUNNYLiFE FLOATiNG HAMMOCKS plunge teenagers into the chill zone and our versatile SUNNYLiFE BEACH CHAiRS are the ultimate pool party pleasers for those who like to pump up the volume.

For the grown-ups, our shimmering SUNNYLiFE FLOAT AWAY LIE ON ROSÈ BOTTLE pairs perfectly with our SUNNYLiFE FLOAT AWAY LiE ON RAiNBOW FLOAT in peachy pink sunset shades.

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