Rosie's best bits!

On the 23rd June we celebrate the national bird of the Bahamas - The Pink Flamingo. To celebrate National Pink Flamingo Day 2020 we are throwing it back to some of our fave moments with Rosie when she partied like a total flock star!

Single & Ready to Flamingle!

That time when we took x60 pink flamingos out in Sydney Harbour with The Yacht Social Club.

The World's First Giant Flamingo

Did you know Sunnylife was the creator of the world’s first inflatable Flamingo?

Well...we were also the creators behind the world’s first GIANT Inflatable Flamingo.

Our Giant Rosie (both pink and rose gold) took a trip around the world and back, popping up in several locations in Sydney, Australia and The Surf Lodge, Montauk, US.


The Flamingo Fan Club

Rosie has a global fan base, and has become insta-famous amongst celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Christina Milian and Kendall Jenner

to name a few & Sunnylover’s world-wide!

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