Sundazed By SUNNYLiFE Is Here

Get ready to turn up the heat this summer with SUNNYLiFE's latest collection: Sundazed. It’s more than just a collection; Sundazed represents the sense of lightness and freedom felt when arriving at a seaside holiday destination. Where plans don’t need to be made but endless possibilities await. It’s diving into the ocean, sunbathing on the sand, lounging in the pool and picnicking by the shoreline, a paradise unlike any other. Ready to sweep you away with sun-drenched hues, rich prints and unique designs inspired by summer all around the world.  

With four adults' collections; The Vacay, Mango Bay, Le Weekend and Rio Sun, and five kids' collections; Princess Swan, Into The Wild, The Sea Kids, Summer Sherbet and Apple Sorbet. Dive into these summer loving ranges and get set for a SUNNYLiFE.


The Vacay

A breezy, laid back and leisurely collection of olive and creamy white hues inspired by beachfront resorts and dreamy locations. These styles exude seaside luxury from the canvas finishes to the detailed tropical foliage and maxi stripe prints. Hit the shores this summer looking as effortless as ever. 


Mango Bay

A balmy, rich and indulgent collection of golden mustard hues reflective of the sun slowly dipping onto the horizon and setting. Featuring classic pin and maxi stripes and our signature tropical foliage designs, these sunshine ready styles are sure to keep you mesmerised all day long. 


Le Weekend 

A serene, timeless and fresh collection inspired by early morning dips and weekends by the beach clubs. Saturated by classic blue tones, creamy whites and pin and maxi stripes. These styles are made for breezy moments on and off the sparkling blue waters. 


Rio Sun 

A bright, playful and sun-drenched collection of vibrant multi colours reminiscent of idyllic holidays gone by. Combined with a retro colour block print and tropical foliage designs, these styles radiate the carefree spirit of summer and long days spent basking under the sun. 


Princess Swan

A whimsical collection of enchanting castles, summertime flowers and majestic princess swans ready to make dreams a reality. Sprinkled in golden yellow, lilac, cream and a hint of sweet pink, this magical collection is designed to build swim confidence, bring imaginations to life and make for hours of regal water play. 


Into The Wild 

A tamed collection of friendly crocodiles, silly snakes and adorable dinosaurs geared with giant 3D googly eyes and bright smiles. Soaked in cool khaki green and vibrant multi colours be wary, endless hours of water play lie ahead with this lively collection, designed to bring imaginations to life and build swim confidence. 


The Sea Kids  

A laid back collection of ocean-inspired hues, tie-dye gradients and skater boy graphics. Old-school, thrilling and all things fun, these styles draw on a retro 90’s design and make for adventure-filled days hanging out with mates, surfing, skating and living the dream. 


Summer Sherbet

A carefree collection of confectionary-coloured hues, tie-dye gradients and Californian girl graphics. Sweet, tangy and all things fun, these styles draw on a retro 90’s design and make for dreamy sun-kissed days spent poolside and beachside hanging out with friends. 


Apple Sorbet 

A cute collection of baby swim time accessories that little ones and parents alike adore. Featuring hand drawn smiling apple motifs and maxi stripes washed over by sweet pastel and creamy hues. Watch your bubba discover the joy of splish splashing this summer.  


Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant, sun-drenched world of Sundazed and let SUNNYLiFE be your companion in making this summer unforgettable.


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