SUNNYLiFE's bestselling Play On Table Tennis set is always a crowd pleaser. This season we've got a range of super fun new designs to choose from so that you can play the day away in style! Ready to setup the ultimate table tennis match? Here's how...


HOW TO PLAY: Table Tennis A.K.A Ping Pong

Players: 2

1. Fasten your SUNNYLiFE Play On Table Tennis net to any indoor or outdoor table. Simply push down on both sides of the net, clip the base onto each edge of the flat surface and release to fasten. Make sure that the net is stretched out nice and tight.

2. Once the net is in place, each player takes a table tennis paddle and stands on opposite sides of the net.

3. Take turns serving and hitting the ball back and forth across the net. Remember, the ball must bounce on both sides of the table before the next player hits it!

4. If you miss the ball or it doesn't go over the net, the other player gets a point.

5. The first player to reach 11 points is the winner!



1. Stock up on snacks, get a group of friends together and take turns versing each other!

2. Bring out your competitive side by playing for a prize!

Whether you're planning for an outdoor BBQ or an indoor games night, the Play On Table Tennis set is the perfect addition to any gathering! Game on!