Only a short trip from Western Europe, Morocco is one of the best holiday spots to visit. Marrakech in particular is an in-expensive yet culturally rich city, home to some of the most beautiful architecture, stunning natural landscapes, and delicious food on the planet. If you're planning a trip to this beautiful desert location, check out our list of the best places to stay, eat, shop and the top must-see sites.



Without a doubt, the best place to stay in Marrakech is within the central Medina. Inside the walls of the old, medieval city you will find no shortage of beautiful riads to accommodate you for the duration of your trip. From the outside you won't be able to see much, however once inside you will be met with opulent architecture, shady palm trees and secret swimming pools, lined with glossy ceramic tiles. One of the best parts of a trip to Marrakech is exploring the narrow, bustling streets of the Medina, only to discover that within many of the old, unassuming buildings lies a beautiful oasis for you to unwind within.

After a day of adventuring, it's nice to be able to sit by the pool and relax with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or a cup of warm mint tea. Unwind with a book or classic board game, before heading back out for dinner and more exploring in the busy souks, which stay open until late into the night.

Our collection of classic games, made from natural wood and cork, are the perfect match for your colourful surroundings. Featuring beautiful pastels and natural textures, the Majorelle Wooden Backgammon or Majorelle Wooden Chess and Checkers sets are both perfect accessories for an afternoon of R&R in your peaceful new Moroccan hideaway.



Moroccan cuisine includes a delicious mix of Arab, North African and Mediterranean influences. One of the best delicacies is Tarjine, a traditional stew-style dish which can be made either with meat or vegetarian, and is served in a unique, ceramic pot. After dinner you can treat yourself to a sweet, honey-soaked piece of Baklava - you deserve it!

On a trip to Marrakech, you can also expect to enjoy many cups of delicious, aromatic mint tea. The local speciality is usually brewed in a silver tea pot, and served in small glass cups. If you have little ones to keep entertained, or if you're interested in enjoying a game or two from one of the beautiful roof-top cafes over looking the city, bring the Majorelle Travel 4-In-A-Row set with you. This compact travel game set can fit easily in your bag, and is a nice way to pass the time while enjoying a beverage with your fellow travellers.



Whilst the Souks (busy local markets) are a must-see in Marrakech, the Ensemble Artisan market, just outside of the Medina walls, is a much calmer place to shop. With beautiful, hand-crafted ceramics, textiles, metalwork and jewellery available at some of the most affordable prices in the city, the Ensemble Artisan market is a perfect place to pick up souvenirs and locally made products for your family and friends back home.



The Yves Saint Laurent Jardin Majorelle is one of the most beautiful gardens in the country and is the perfect place for snapping a few gorgeous pics for your Instagram grid. Once occupied by the iconic, French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, the garden is now open for all to explore. With huge cacti, radiant flowers and beautiful Majorelle blue details, the botanical oasis is a hidden gem in the heart of Marrakech.

In fact, our own collection of wooden and cork games was inspired by the beautiful, garden local. Drawing on the rich yet faded colours of a desert climate, imperfect geometric shapes and rougher materials, the Majorelle cork and wooden game sets exhume subtle, earthy beauty.

For fun on the move, our Majorelle Cork Roll-Up Game is perfectly packable, and ideal for travelling light. The soft, printed cork game board is double-sided, suitable for both backgammon and a game of checkers or chess.


Back at home, you can re-live your Moroccan adventures with the Majorelle Mega Jumbling Tower. With an eclectic mix of colourfully, hand-painted blocks, this jumbling tower is a playful staple. It's perfectly sized for little hands, and fun for the whole family to enjoy together.


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