The Sunnylife Guide | University

Sunnylife décor is designed for the perfect insta shelfie. We’re a one-stop shop for everything that’s on your dorm room Pinterest board.

Bring that summer road trip to Joshua Tree back to campus with you by wholly embracing the desert-chic trend. Check out our adorably prickly Cactus Trinket Tray, perfect for trend-led place to store your jewelry and keys. Dot our Cactus Candles around your room so you can feel like you’re sleeping under the stars surrounded by succulents.

Bring the sounds of summer inside with our range of Beach Sounds & Retro Sounds. Our Beach Sounds are conveniently splash proof; perfect for stepping up your shower karaoke game.


Dorm rooms don’t exactly bring “lush, tropical rainforest” to mind, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a paradise of your very own.

The Banana Palm trend shows no sign of going out of style with strong showings from the catwalk to living rooms of the rich and famous. Create a backdrop for your very own plant family or, if your dorm isn’t plant friendly, create one from scratch with our most popular print by far.

Juicy tropical fruits are the perfect accompaniment for the luxurious rainforest vibes, adding a spot of colour & a delicious treat.


There is nothing more iconic than a neon light. Shed some light on your personality with your pick of the bunch.

Styles: Neon – Large & Small; Wall – Small & Large
Festivals are your second home & you found yourself at Coachella. You don’t care if the sand gets in your face & the sun in your eyes, good vibes find their way to you.

Styles: Neon – Large & Small; Wall – Small
You love the rockabilly vibe. You’re a little bit cheeky & adore long road trips with your boyfie/girlfie. You long to own a French Bulldog & call him Hector.

Styles: Neon – Large & Small
Unsurprisingly, you’re a pure flower child. You find solace anywhere the grass is green, & the air is fresh. 90’s Drew Barrymore is your spirit animal.

Styles: Neon – Large & Small; Wall – Large & Small
You dream of balmy days & pink Cadillacs. You know who Angelyne is & think she’s a gosh darn icon. Your flock is the most important thing in your life.

Ice Cream
Styles: Neon – Large & Small
You’re dream date is roller-skating, followed by Ben & Jerry’s watching the sunset (or rise). You’re precocious, like your own way & generous. Treat Yo’ Self will always be your motto.

Styles: Neon – Large & Small; Wall – SmallLarge
You’re as fabulous as Bey, & you don’t care if someone doesn’t agree. You literally say things like ‘sips tea’ & Ariana Grande is your new Britney (but Britney will always be your Britney).

Styles: Neon – Large & Small; Wall – Small
Everything you own is covered in glitter & your credit card is almost exclusively used at Sephora. You’re everything everyone’s been looking for, & you know it.

Summer parties don’t have to end with the season. Bring Sunnylife to your college party and heat up the good times.

Party decorations don’t have to just be a pile of solo cups and a couple of balloons taped to the roof. We’ve got drink markers (so you don’t accidentally share with some rando), bottle openers (in adorable shapes obvs), drink dispensers (complete with paper cups & straws) and party games perfect for any occasion.

Make sure you invite only the best people and its guaranteed that you’ll have a fab time. College lasts for a short time and memories last forever. Make sure this short time of your life is one of the best. ENJOY SUNNYLOVERS!

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