With summertime in full bloom there is nothing quite like hitting the open road, soaking up the sunshine and discovering new towns, coastlines and hidden gems. It's the ultimate time of the year to go where the wind takes you, explore and make holiday memories to last a lifetime. But before you jump in the car and head out on your next adventure make sure to tick off this travel checklist...


Stop 1: Beach Umbrella

Living life on the road is something else, it is having picnic lunches in the park, going for a dip wherever possible and spending 90% of your time outdoors which has its perks, but it can also get unbearably hot at times! This is when the Beach Umbrella comes in handy, pop it up in seconds and seek shade whenever you feel necessary. Plus, it includes a carry bag with a shoulder strap for easy transport and storage, perfect for on the go.


Stop 2: Travel Chairs

Comfort is key when considering what to pack for a road trip which makes the Travel Lounger Chairs a must. Designed with easy transport and storage front of mind, they're sturdy and feature 6 adjustable reclining settings for advanced relaxation. Now you can lounge in luxury anywhere, anytime from the beach, park, campground and anywhere else in between.


Stop 3: Carryall Bag

Two hands are simply not enough when it comes to being out on the road, so to help you get from A to B make sure to pack a Carryall Bag, they're large, waterproof, lightweight and durable. Use them at the beach, grocery store and to cart your belongings from one place to another with ease.


Stop 4: Pool Floats

Exploring new places means stumbling across the most quaint, out of sight waterfalls, rivers and off grid beaches which make for the ultimate destination to setup camp and enjoy some water activities. Hop in a Pool Ring and float down stream or relax on a Luxe Lie-On drifting with the current (for a picture-perfect moment make sure to pick up the Camper Ombre Luxe Lie-On Float, it's cute and ties in superbly with the road trip vibe).


Stop 5: Picnic Basket

Relax and indulge wherever you go with the Picnic Cooler Basket by your side. With an insulated interior, pack it full in the morning and have peace of mind that your food and drinks will be nice and chilled by the time you are ready to devour (essential to any road trip). Plus, the wooden lid doubles as a removable cheeseboard and the large handles make for easy transport.


Stop 6: Road Trip Games

Would it be a road trip without some light-hearted entertainment? Absolutely not! Games are 100% necessary. For the car ride, the alphabet game, eye spy and the license plate game make for so much fun. But you can't forget games for outdoor amusement either, Beach Bats and Bocce are an absolute packing essential.


Nice job, your checklist is complete. Now it's time to pack up the car and go where the wind takes you. Let the adventures begin!