Searching for the best summer songs to play on repeat at your next pool party, beach trip or casual barbecue? Look no further, this is it!


Imagine this, you're chilling out at your favourite beachside holiday destination, the air is hot and you're soaking up the sun from a day bed with a drink in your hand. Your day consists of no plans but to relax, take it easy and perhaps go for a dip or two in crystal blue waters; you're in a complete state of bliss. You've also just found the best summer Spotify playlist. With each song melting perfectly into the next, the vibes are high and the tunes are truly the sounds of summer. The hours roll by and the sun begins to set into a perfectly golden sunset. It's a warm night and when the sun goes down, the summer hits amp up for the evening festivities. Fast forward to tomorrow, and you'll be ready to do it all again.


Whether you really are chilling out by a European coastline, or you just want to bring some of those vibes to your next pool party or backyard barbecue, these summer holiday songs are perfect for you. A step above your average Spotify playlist, we've put together a collection of unique top hits that you can really resonate with.


Say goodbye to overplayed and outdated tunes, and say hello to fluid tracks, conducive to the best summer vibes EVER. Get inspired and feel your body fill with energy. With a mix of smooth and punchy beats, you can move your body or simply lay back and soak it all in. Whatever your style and pace, these hot hits will instantly bring you that perfect summer feeling you've been chasing.


This is what summer 2023 sounds like. Now, listen along with us here and soak up the vibes!


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