Never miss another moment with our Underwater Film Camera!

Sometimes the best moments in life happen when you get to put your phone away and truly live in the present. However, it's hard not to catch yourself thinking 'if only I could take a quick photo to remember this!'. It's a shame to miss out on capturing the moment altogether, so why not take a step back in time and go old school with a film camera?

Here at SUNNYLiFE we love getting inspired by all things vintage! As you might have heard - everything that once was old is now new again. From flared jeans to crochet bikinis, we are particularly loving the film photography trend seen on Instagram and social media over the past couple of years.

Have you ever wondered how people get that perfect grainy quality to their photos? While there may be filters you can use to mimic the retro aesthetic, there is nothing better than the real thing!

Give yourself a break from the screen and get playful with your images. Or, inspire creativity in your little ones with the perfect, easy-to-use first camera! From sandy shores to coral reefs, deep blue seas and sunset picnics, Grab a SUNNYLiFE Underwater Film Camera and get snapping this summer. You'll never miss out on capturing another special moment again.

Our step by step guide is here to help you get the perfect summer shots, in or out of the water.

  1. Grab your SUNNYLiFE camera and snap open the clips on either side.

  2. Remove the camera from the clear outer casing.

  3. Open the back of the camera, pull the round winder up and pop in a roll of 35mm film.

  4. Push the winder back down and pull the end of the film to the right side. Now your film is in place!

  5. Close the back of the camera and wind the film forward until you see the number '1' appear at the top of the camera.

  6. Pop your camera back inside the casing and fasten the clips on either side.

  7. Now point and shoot! press down on the button at the top to take a photo.


P.s Don't forget to keep winding the film forward after each shot!

It's that easy! Now get out there and explore - with this compact underwater camera tucked away in your pocket or beach bag, you're ready to capture those special memories that you never want to forge

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