Celebrate International Women's Day with Sunnylife

Celebrate International Women's Day with Sunnylife

Check out how they have been enjoying the longer days and warmer weather with their fave sunny swag.

"Summer means the unofficial start to rosé season, which is why the Rosé Bottle is my fave float to lounge on in the pool. The Block Party towel is my go-to and also makes for a great picnic blanket and the Block Party Beach Umbrella, I have it set up in my backyard with my new table by the pool for when I need to escape the sun and get some shade".

"I live close to the beach so an umbrella is a must for long days in the sun. I love to coordinate my beach accessories and the Dolce Vita print is my favourite, it's so classic. The Pool Ring Glitter is my float of summer 20', it's so easy to carry down to the beach and makes for the ultimate insta snap".

"I love summer in London and picnics in the park with friends, especially lately when there hasn't been much else we can do. The Large Cooler Bag has me set for a day full of delicious snacks and some bubbly and i get the tunes going with my travel speaker. The Ring Toss Cactus has been one of my favourite Sunnylife items summer after summer, whether with my friends or family, in the park, backyard or on holiday it’s such a fun game to play and so compact and easy to inflate/deflate".

"I have been enjoying our garden gatherings this summer, especially now we can have visitors. The Cooler Box has meant I don’t have to run in and out of the house all day for cold drinks and of course provides a source of music. The volley ball tournaments with the mermaid volleyball net have been pretty competitive and keeps everyone entertained for hours. The giant inflatable glitter beach ball has been another winner for some backyard fun and games".

To celebrate, we are highlighting these inspirational creatives that we have collaborated with to present dynamic and diverse stories within our upcoming summer ranges which we cannot wait to reveal.

We asked these inspiring women what this day means to them.


We partnered with Poppie Pack to spritz some eternal sunshine onto our first ever range of jigsaw puzzles and packaging for our scented candles and sets. Born in New Zealand and living in Sydney, the photographer and designer selected enticing images she has taken of iconic Australian beaches. Describing her style as salty,’ she captures summertime revelers and thirst-quenching water in hues not dissimilar to the cooling blue shades of lemonade icy-pole wrappers.

As I wait to welcome my first daughter in May, International Women’s Day feels especially poignant this year. I see it as a moment to celebrate equality, opportunity and the ability for women to be anything they want to be.


Maddy Nye is a Minnesota-based designer inspired by vintage typography and high-octane color palettes. A sense of confidence and spirited discovery underpins her playful yet polished aesthetic, radiating a soft serve strength. Retro fonts are radically transformed into something fresh and exciting via a nostalgic lens, while Maddy’s catchy optimistic sayings inspire those who possess a glass half full attitude no matter what life throws at them. She’s splashed a feel-good vibe across our select summer accessories.

I believe in radical softness and a future that is inclusive & equitable for all gender identities.

Happy International Women's Day!

We are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace environment that supports cultural diversity and gender equality. This includes equal opportunity for the advancement and development within our practice regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.