Get To The Beach Faster With Our Beach Bag Must Haves


Born and bred from Aussie beaches, our summer accessories aren't optional. They're essential.

Getting ready for a day at the beach, especially when you're planning with a big group, is always a little hectic. The stakes are high: If you forget just one essential thing, you run the risk of having to interrupt your perfect beach day for a run to the nearest store or back to the house—or put a halt to your entire day.

To help you live your best life at the beach, we rounded up our favorite beach essentials you need to add to your bag - stat.

Keep it cool - No day at the beach is complete without sipping on a warm drink and unintentionally taking in a mouthful of sand. While we can’t guarantee you that you’ll avoid the sand completely, our cooler bags will keep your drinks safe and super chill. They’re wonderfully large, yet super lightweight - perfect for a day at the beach.

First, get yourself a spacious beach bag with enough room for bulky items such as beach games, bathers, bottles; and everything else you'll need to have the best beach day yet. You don't want to be carrying an arm-full of items, particularly if you've a long walk to that special spot you wish to settle in for the day.

Picture perfect - Most of us now use our phone to capture those perfect holiday pics, but, if your itching to get some action shots in the water, you’d best leave your phone on the beach. Even waterproof devices aren’t impervious to being lost in the deep. But, with a Sunnylife Underwater Cameras, it's always lights, camera, H2O. Besides taking amazing pics - they float on water… and look good doing it.

Make sound-waves - Every beach trip deserves a soundtrack. Be a hero and bring the tunes with your own Sunnylife Beach Sounds speakers. Play music off your device, with Bluetoothe or AUX or with the AM/FM tuner. And keep your previous cargo (phone) safe inside the sand and water-resistant case.

Making shade - Stylish sunglasses, the unmistakeable mark of a cool person. But for real, be sure to block out those ultraviolets with some statement sunnies, because it's hard to make memories through squinting lids. Or, create your own personal, shaded oasis by rocking the retro visor look.

Lounge like a pro - A cute, luxe towel is my all-time favorite beach accessory; but I've found that adding a beach pillow, especially if it's a matching set, takes ocean-side bliss to an 11 out of 10. Tossing a beach pillow in your bag is the easiest way to give yourself a luxurious, prop-up. Get ready to be the envy of all, with our amazing selection of pillows and matching towel prints.

Serious beach-peeps pack always pack some well picked beach entertainment - A bucket and spade is always a winner for sunnykids. For more experienced beach-goers, a game of bat and ball, cricket or playing with a frisbee is a great way to have fun. Check out the rest of our beach-tastic games here.. because there's nothing quite so satisfying and refreshing as taking a dip in the ocean after a little physical exertion.

Are you on-board with the float phenomenon? - The must-have accessory of summer, taking over Instagram since 2017 – is back and better than ever. Wade one of these cheeky floats into calmer waters and hang onto it with a couple of pals. Toss one in your bag or just keep it on the sand, at hand for Insta purposes. Check out the rest of our float family here..

And don't forget your air pump - At Sunnylife we carry air pumps for all occasions, because the only reason you should be out of breath is from having too much fun; not blowing up a float or beach ball.

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