Gentleman, Romance Is In The Air, Impress Her With A romantic Picnic


Romance is in the air, so spice up a classic idea with a new romantic spin!

There's nothing quite as romantic as delicious food and drinks surrounded by nature on a beautiful, sunny day — which is why a picnic is kind of the ultimate date idea. The picnic is often taken-for-granted, but it can be your go-to move. But, careful now, I’m not talking about throwing a piece of turkey between two slices of bread, calling it a sandwich, and eating it on a bench next to a dumpster... What better way to impress your lady love than preparing a gourmet picnic, dropping by her place to whisk her off - for one magical date that she'll never forget.

We're here to help you 'up your picnic-planning game' and really impress her. These romantic picnic date ideas are sure to bring a little sizzle to your romantic date!

Plan Ahead

- Check the weather. Because, outside the Rom-Com universe... nothing kills the mood faster than getting caught in the rain, and temperature is a factor to consider before planning your perfect menu. If it’s scorching out, you might want to reconsider that cheese plate. But, before you toss the Brie, we have an amazing selection of coolers and accessories to help you out; from luxe cooler bags to ice buckets and more!

- Don’t forget the romantic music. Music is key for setting the mood, but why not ditch the phones? Plan the perfect playlist ahead of time and pack your portable speaker; reserve your full attention for your picnic companion.

The Location

-Choose somewhere with minimal distractions. You want somewhere that won’t be too crowded and, ideally, not in the middle of a playground. It’s hard to share a romantic moment with children, animals and footballs flying by.

- The perfect spot might be the park where you first met or your favourite beach or, if you’re an active couple, hiking to a waterfall may be just right. With the right equipment you can park your picnic blanket anywhere. Recreate a romantic moment or plan something new; either way the thoughtfulness is sure to wow her.

The Menu

-A picnic done well can be pure bliss, but no-one likes a limp, half-baked, or poorly catered one, so come prepared with a well planned menu. You can’t go wrong with finger-friendly foods: light meats and veggies, cheese and crackers, tiny sandwiches, fruits (strawberries should never be missing in a romantic picnic), and don't forget a little something sweet for dessert.

- Rosé or white wines are perfect for a daytime picnic. Or, infuse water with fruits like strawberries and lemon along with mint for a refreshing twist. Planning around your ladies pallet will surely impress her. Whatever your drink of choice, keep it cool all picnic long with an amazingly insulated bottle tote.

The Picnic perfect equipment

- Good food and company are essential, and you’ll have those in spades, but a few extra touches will help you pull off the perfect picnic. Don’t just eat on the ground – you definitely need a comfortable blanket to lie on. Plates, forks, knives, napkins, cups, and a cutting board.  Using real items will make the picnic feel special, and it saves the environment. To complete the scene, you want a classic wicker basket like you’ve seen in movies.

- If you want to simplify your planning, pick up one of our picture-perfect Sunnylife baskets, which come included with: quality cutlery, wine glasses, plates, bottle opener, and hardwood fold-up table - which also acts as a chopping board and cup holder. We also carry matching blankets and other picnic accessories that would absolutely take your picnic game to an 11 out of 10.


A picnic is the perfect opportunity to show that you are a real gentleman, full of imagination and talent. Pulling off a romantic picnic is all about setting the scene but, remember; this is still a date. So, pick up a bouquet of flowers... trust me.

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