If you didn’t float your summer days away on an inflatable Flamingo or Unicorn, did summer even happen?

Over-the-top, oversized pool floats and inflatables have been blowing up since summer 2015 and the trend certainly isn’t dying anytime soon!

If you want to make a splash this summer, then we’ve got you covered… just don’t forget the pump.


What will be your go-to float for summer 2020?

Pool Ring | Glitter  


Don't ever lose your sparkle with the insta-glam pool float of 2020. Put a ring on it and shine bright this summer with our Glitter Pool Ring.

Image Credit: @charlotte_scott_

Image Credit: @dreambelievers

Luxe Pool Ring | Zebra


A new addition to the Sunnylife float fam! The Luxe Pool Ring Zebra is the pink pool accessory you never knew you needed!

Grab the Ride-On or Pool Ring Zebra and float your summer away.

Image Credit: @the_hollytree

Luxe Lie-On Float | Rose Bottle


Not all bottles need to be popped for an epic time! Rosé the day away with our Best-Selling Luxe Lie-On Float | Rosé Bottle

Image Credit: @jessie_khoo

Luxe Pool Ring | Camel


NEW | another addition to the Sunnylife float fam! All the way from the deserts of Morocco comes your new pachyderm bestie- the Sunnylife Camel

Luxe Ride-On Camel also available will have you looking like a KWEEN in all you insta snaps this summer. Be sure to tag @sunnylifeaustralia for your chance to be featured on our account.


Image Credit: @dreambelievers

Luxe Lie-On Float | Chill Ice Lolly


The makeup your pool was waiting for, own summer and keep it COOL poolside with our Chill Ice Lolly Float

Image Credit: @charlotte_scott_


Luxe Ride-On Unicorn


Diego ( aka Goldie Horn) The Unicorn is a summer-time, sunnylife classic.

Take your ride-or die with you wherever you go and add a touch of magic to your summer with an Inflatable Unicorn.

Image Credit: @retrosplice

Image Credit: @jetset_jen

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