We are so excited to announce the arrival of our latest collaboration with the infectiously feel-good brand SMILEY®

The SMILEY® brand was born in 1972 at the hands of creator Franklin Loufrani. Loufrani originally used the SMILEY® logo and slogan "Take The Time To Smile" to highlight 'feel-good' stories in European newspapers. Since then, the iconic SMILEY® symbol has been a reminder to the world to feel happy about all the good things in life.

It is an explosion of colour and positivity that incorporates a gender neutral palette of cool blues, yellows, minty greens, oranges and whites. Floats, games, Swim accessories and summer essentials that all the Sunny kids (big and small) are going to love.

Looking to go all out SMILEY®? Check out our favourite products from the SUNNYLiFE x SMILEY® collab collection below:

<strong>1. SMILEY® Underwater Camera</strong><br />Never miss another smiley moment! SUNNYLiFE's underwater film cameras are super easy for little ones to use. Plus, the durable plastic case means you can bring it with you anywhere, even on underwater adventures.

2. SMILEY® Inflatable Beach Ball Bounce your way to happiness with the Smiley Inflatable Beach Ball! With a 3-D Smiley centre surrounded by rainbow confetti, this beach ball is at the top of its game!

<strong>3. The Pool SMILEY®</strong><br />Sometimes making it to the beach with the kids isn't as easy as it sounds. For those days when you just want to take it easy in your own backyard, The SMILEY® Pool is an instant crowd pleaser! The Pool fits up to 3 adults so the whole family can get in on the action! Or, invite your own friends around for a pool party - why not!
<strong>4. SMILEY® Beach Bats</strong><br />It's game on! SUNNYLiFE's bestselling Beach Bats are now available as part of the official SMILEY® collab. From now on, you'll be playing the day away in SMILEY® style!
<strong>5. SMILEY® Pool Ring &amp; Ball</strong><br />Keep those little trouble makers busy! The SMILEY® Pool Ring &amp; Ball is a two-for-one when it comes to outdoor fun. With an inflatable pool ring for the water, plus a mini beach ball for playtime wherever you go, they'll be occupied for hours!
Here at SUNNYLiFE we love creating good vibes and couldn't agree more with the positive outlook of the SMILEY® brand. That's why we've teamed up to create a super cute collection of kids products that will make little ones SMILE from head to toe!