Are you looking to add some extra fun to your next beach trip or pool day? The ultra-soft and highly absorbent Summer Games Towel is designed to keep the whole family busy for hours! Doubling up as a beach games board, this beach games towel comes with stylish wooden game pieces to play a fun game of Chess or Checkers by the water.

Lounging poolside with friends just got even better. Now you can enjoy playing your favourite classic checkers board game reimagined to suit an upbeat summer lifestyle! Not sure how to play? A simple checkers game is a great place to start. Let us give you a run down, the rules of checkers are simple to pickup and you're sure to be a poolside pro in no time!


Players: 2

1. Each player takes 12 pieces of the same colour (pink or orange).

2. For the checkers games set up, each player arranges their game pieces closest to them on the board. Place a piece on every other dark square, creating staggered rows.

3. Each player takes their turn by moving a piece. Pieces are always moved diagonally.

You can move in the following ways:
Forward Diagonally to the next dark square.
Jumping diagonally over your opponents piece, moving to the next dark square.

When you jump over a piece you collect it.

4. You win the game when your opponent either has no more pieces left or cannot move. If neither player can move it is a tie.

If you're feeling more confident in your playing skills, you can use the same pieces you used for the game of checkers to play a game of chess. Simply use chalk or a whiteboard marker to signify the different pieces and away you go!

The Summer Games board game beach towel puts the 'fun' in functional. Fold it up and bring it anywhere with you - it's perfect for good times on the go and can be used for some great simple beach games for kids.