No Beach, No Problem!

No Beach, No problem, plan the perfect day by the pool



Aside from the daily dose of vitamin D doing wonders for our health and happiness, the warmer weather means we can plan fun activities in the SUN.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a beach a stone through away, and with the current restrictions most countries are facing, staying poolside is the next best thing (if not better!)


1. No day by the pool is complete without our Instagramable pool floats

Relax with no reason to leave the water with our Floating Hammock Dolce Vita

Our Best – Selling Luxe Lie-On Float Mermaid provides the ultimate instagrammable content, especially with our matching Inflatable Family Drink Holder Mermaid. Float your worries away with a cocktail in hand.

2. Set the mood and live your best (poolside) life with a summer playlist

When we think of summers gone by, we think of the summer soundtrack that went with it, the nostalgic sing along anthems and the cheesy classics we danced into the sunset listening to.

We’ve pulled together a few of our fave tracks to help you get the party started and make you think about dipping your toes in the pool.

Listen here

Turn up the volume and relax poolside with our range of sunny speakers

3. Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails

Whether you are hosting or having a solo pool party, no day in the sun is complete without a cocktail.

Grab your cocktail shaker and mix up your chosen cocktail for a day by the pool.

Check out a Sunnylife fave below:

Cucumber Margarita

Ingredients: Salt (for rimming the glass) Ice, 2 1/2 ounces Cucumber-Infused Tequila, 1-ounce fresh lime juice, 1ounce simple syrup, 1 cucumber for garnish

  1. Grab our Stemless Cocktail Glasses Kasbah, wet the rim and dip in salt. Fill the glass with ice.
  2. Fill the cocktail shaker with Ice. Add the cucumber infused Tequila, lime juice and simple syrup and shake until well chilled. Strain the cocktail into the rimmed glass and garnish with the cucumber slice.

4. Make sure you have the right supplies for your pool party games

Keep your guests (or partner) entertained with some of the best Sunnylife Poolside Games. Stick to the mermaid theme and set up the Inflatable Volleyball Set | Mermaid in or outside of the pool.

No matter your age, the Cactus Ring-Toss is a poolside winner and is our best seller summer after summer.

You can't go wrong with the classic beach ball. Check out our new Inflatable Beach Balls for S20.

5. Snap the day away

Don’t miss a happy snap during your day by the pool and snap the day away with our range of Underwater Cameras.

Start planning your summer days by the pool.

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