Embrace Barbie-Core: Pool Floats Edition

For generations, Barbie has been an iconic figure. Shaping the imaginations of millions of women and young girls worldwide. Over the years Barbie has grown to become more than just a doll, she has become a symbol of empowerment and inclusion for females of all backgrounds. In 2023 the Barbie Core movement emerged as a new trend following the launch of the Barbie Movie featuring Margot Robbie that celebrates fun, vibrancy, and all things pink. Embrace the Barbie-core trend this summer with our pretty in pink range of pool floats and inflatables that will elevate your poolside experience like never before.


Flashback Retro PVC Lie-On Float

Imagine lounging on our Flashback Retro PVC Lie-On Float, soaking up the rays like a true Barbie poolside diva. The vintage inspired design and gorgeous pink colour will have you feeling like you've traveled back in time to a world of retro glam, think 1990's Barbie!


Rosie Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Inflatable

Looking to Barbie-fy your next pool party? The Rosie Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Inflatable is here to turn heads and steal hearts much like Barbie has. Hop on this girly-girl inflatable, and you'll feel like Queen Bee as you ride poolside with this vibrant Rosie Pink Flamingo by your side.


Strawberry Luxe Lie-On Float

Our Strawberry Luxe Lie-On Float is the perfect sugary treat for your pool and seaside adventures. With its juicy pink hue and sweet strawberry shape, this float will have you feeling like you're a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world, all you need to do is embrace it.


Rose Gold Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Inflatable

This stunning inflatable, with its rose gold beauty, exudes elegance and sophistication much like Barbie herself. Be the envy of those around much like Barbie Margot with the Rose Gold Luxe Ride-On Flamingo Inflatable with its ever so stylish design.


Bubblegum Shell Luxe Pool Ring

The stunning pink hue on our Bubblegum Shell Luxe Pool Ring radiates sophistication, capturing the essence of elegance with a touch of playfulness, just like Barbie. With this float you can transform your pool time into pink perfection. 


Pastel Unicorn Luxe Ride-On Float

Or whether you're like Ken, in the role of lifeguard, surf, or just beach, we might not have a "Horse" available, but we do have the water's number #1 mythical Pastel Unicorn Luxe Ride-On pool floaty that will transport you to your own Barbieland dream-world.


Come on, what are you waiting for? Get ready to embrace Barbie pink with our range of pink pool floats and inflatables and dive into the world of Barbie core. And who knows, you might just find yourself living a real-life Barbie dream.